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The qualities of our inspectors are important.  So when building our team we keep I.K A.S.H in mind.  I.K.A.S.H. stands for Integrity, Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits.
Integrity is the single and most important quality of an inspector.  AEIS is aware that this is not a quality that can be taught but must exist in the inspector. This is an attribute that along with ethics and honor that we ensure our inspectors uphold.

Knowledge of drawings and specifications are a must.  The knowledge our inspectors have come in a variety of different areas such as knowledge of construction terms, constructionprocesses, and testing methods. The ability to understand and apply that knowledge is essential on the job sites.

Attitude is the determining factor for inspector’s success in all job sites. We expect our inspectors to act with professionalism and respect on all jobs sites.

Skills are obtained through training, self-study and experience.  Our inspectors are updated on the latest technology in order to execute inspections efficiently.

Habits play a significant role in the inspectors’ safety and efficiency.  Our inspectors maintain good physical condition and vision and the ability to complete and maintain inspection records.